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1. Chest Press
◈ Lie on the flat bench and hold onto a weight (preferably 4kg or above)
◈ Hold the weight straight up, shoulder-width apart
◈ Inhale and descend slowly until your elbows are parallel to the floor
◈ Push the weight back up while exhaling to return to the starting position, that's 1 count
◈ Execute this exercise for a certain amount of sets (preferably do 10 counts, rest, repeat for another 2 sets)


2. Chest Dips
◈ Get two stable chairs and put them parallel to each other, beside you
◈ Place your hand on the chairs for support and push your body up, bending your knee such that your legs are off the ground
◈ Slowly lower your body while keeping your elbows slightly pointed up, try to feel a stretch in your chest
◈ While exhaling, contract your chest to bring your body back to the start position, that's 1 rep
◈ Execute this exercise for a certain amount of sets (preferably 15 reps)
Take note: Do not go to low so you don't hurt your shoulder joint.

Last updated: 1 June 2019